Lafarge Plasterboard systems can incorporate the use of 'glasswool' or 'polyester' type insulations. Glasswool is 'Insulco Acousti-Therm' - A blanket or batt of flexible glass-fibre, bonded with resin. Polyester is 'Insulco Sound Batts (ISB)' - A blanket or batt manufactured from bonded polyester fibres.

  • Thermal
    • Polyester Batts R1.5 - R3.5
    • Fat Batts R1.5 - R5.0
  • Thermal & Acoustic
    • Cosyfloor R1.5
  • Acoustic
    • Acousti-Therm Batts R1.5 - R2.5
    • Polycoustic Wall Batts R1.5 - R2.0
  • Foil Laminates
    • Light Duty 536, 539 & 599
    • Medium Duty 530 & 533
    • Heavy Duty 550, 550-P & 553
    • Extra Heavy Duty 570 & 573
  • Wall Wrap
    • Tuffstuff
    • Tuffstuff Breather
    • Tuffstuff 1500
  • Foil Faced Blanket
    • Vapa-Chek 55mm, 75mm & 100mm


Autex GreenStuf® and QuietStuf® insulation is made from user-friendly, non-irritant polyester which is dust free and won't cause any skin or other irritations. Unlike some other forms of insulation, They will not deteriorate over time, is unaffected by mould, mildew and rot, and is resistant to vermin and insect attack. 

GreenStuf® thermal and acoustic insulation is suitable for all residential and commercial applications and is available in a full range of sizes and thermal ratings to suit all framing. It's so easy to install it can be torn straight across its width to fit any nog or batten spacing. The QuietStuf® range of insulation products deals with the acoustic issues in the commercial and residential markets. All QuietStuf® products provide dramatic sound dampening and reduce ambient noise levels, improving work and living conditions.

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