Base Renders


SUPAskim is a fine grade polymer modified base coat render suitable for application over a variety of commonly used building substrata. Formulated using a fine grade sand, SUPAskim is ideal for sponge finishing prior to painting.


MACrender® is a factory blended, polymer modified base coat render suitable for application over a variety of commonly used building substrata. It will adhere to all types of masonry bricks and blocks, painted masonry surfaces, concrete panels, lighweight blocks and polystyrene cladding boards both expanded and extruded.


MACrender®HBS is a highly polymer modified cementitious base render formulated for applications requiring high bond strength and flexibility. MACrender®HBS is suited for use over expanded polystyrene cladding panels and previously painted masonry surfaces.


Patching Systems

MACpatch Fine

MACpatch Fine has been designed for application to fibre cement sheet joints prior to the application of a roll-on textured finish and for patching fine holes in concrete panels prior to texture coating. It can be feathered or sanded smooth, minimising the risk of visible joint lines.

MACpatch Coarse

MACpatch is a premixed acrylic patching compound formulated specifically for application to substrata demanding flexibility and superior adhesion. The flexibility and excellent adhesion characteristics of MACpatch make it ideal for application to properly constructed** fibrecement sheet structures, primed metal, polystyrene and painted surfaces.


Acrylic Texture Coatings

MACtexture® Trowel-On Finishes

MACtexture® trowel applied finishes are available in a wide range of colours and textures. Formulated using the finest raw materials and latest chemical technology, MACtexture® architectural coatings will provide years of protection from our harsh climatic conditions. Tintable to almost any colour and applied straight from the pail, texture coatings have never been easier.

MACtexture® Roll-On Finishes

MACtexture® Satin is a high performance acrylic membrane coating formulated to provide an attractive and highly durable finish to most acrylic and masonry surfaces. MACtexture® Satin will greatly improve coating performance and weather resistance whilst reducing maintenance and dirt pick-up

MACtexture® Rustic is a highly durable medium stipple, sandfinish texture coating designed for application by roller. Rustic will provide an attractive and long lasting finish when applied to most stable masonry surfaces. Where the cost of a trowel-on finish may be prohibitive, Rustic is the ideal solution. Simple to apply, durable and available in almost any colour.

MACtexture® Tuscan is a high quality acrylic based texture coating designed for roller application. Tuscan will display excellent hiding power over imperfect substrates and can be tinted to an alomst unlimited colour palette.




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