MastaBase Bedding Cement is a plaster-based cement for bedding tape and second coating all plasterboard joints. It is suitable for dry and wet areas and where a fire resistance level is specified.



MastaLite is a white, pre-mixed, all-purpose compound suitable for bedding tape and second and final coating plasterboard joints.



MastaFinish is a renowned, pre-mixed jointing compound ideally suited for the finishing coat over plasterboard joints.

MastaCove 45

MastaCove 45 Cornice Cement is a plaster-based cornice cement. With a working time of 45 minutes, MastaCove 45 mixes easily to a creamy gauge, sets evenly and has excellent workback.

MastaCove Smooth

MastaCove Smooth Cornice Cement is a white, smooth and creamy cornice cement ideal for trade use. Smooth has a longer-lasting setting and working time of up to 60 minutes and is therefore ideal for installing large quantities of cornice as well as decorative features.


MastaBlock is a specially formulated plaster designed for back-blocking ceiling joints. Back-blocking reinforces the ceiling joint and minimises deformation and possible cracking that may occur due to building movement.


MastaBond Masonry Adhesive is a specially formulated bonding cement for fixing plasterboard to masonry surfaces quickly and securely. Its unique gritty texture delivers fast and strong adhesion without reducing its workability.


MastaGrip Stud Adhesive is ideal for bonding all Lafarge plasterboard to timber / steel framework. It is used in conjunction with nails or screws and forms a tough, flexible bond, which resists cracking and compensates for minor frame irregularities.


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